Synthetic Spheres is Leading research groups in the Cloud Credential Council, a Certification Standards body. We developed and defined ICF – Integrated Cloud Framework, CIEL – Cloud Interactive Ecosystem language, MetaX – Semantic based MetaSystem Framework, InfoSymbolism – Artistic Representation of Semantic Based Symbols,and Fabrica – Research and Analytical platform for Business scenarios of ecosystems and soft systems methodology.”Learn


Our Software Development is focused on Mobile Platforms (such as Android, iOS) , cloud based development and integration executed on IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. You can find our mobile products described at Product page. We are currently in development of our proprietary cloud based Marketing platform targeting innovative Digital Markets. We Welcome all Inquires for for Web, Mobile and Cloud related Development on majority of popular platforms.”Learn


 We are leading Authors and content providers of training courses for Leading training provider ITpreneurs, delivering to customers in 45 countries. We provide Training development and certified Trainings for Trainers. Our Trainings are prerequisities for certification path at Cloud Credential Council, developed in colaboration with leading organizations such as IBM, Microsoft, VMWare, Cisco, EMC, HP and ING, and aligns to NIST definitions and terminology.



No matter what business you’re in or what mission you’re striving for, excellence in critical functional areas can make or break your future. We  provide deep insights and practical experience needed to help our clients address their most pressing issues. We specialize in complex technological environments and innovative ideas for Business and IT. Our featured offerings is focused on Cloud Computing, Semantic MetaSystems and Ecosystem of IT Architecture. ”Learn