ResearchSynthetic Spheres is leading research groups in the Cloud Credential Council in Cloud Semantics. We have developed and defined systems methodologies including: ICF – Integrated Cloud Framework, MetaX – Semantic based MetaSystem Framework, InfoSymbolism – Artistic Representation of Semantic Based Symbol systems, CIEL – Cloud Interactive Ecosystem Language and Fabrica – Research and Analytical platform for Business scenario planning and soft systems methodology.

Synthetic Spheres company is member of Cloud Credential Council, we are leading research projects and content development for certification courses.
Cloud Credential Council initiated five working groups to develop syllabi for cloud courses at the advanced level. These syllabi were developed in cooperation with Synthetic Spheres and cloud experts that work at major cloud providers and technology vendors and formed the foundation for training courses and exams for cloud certification in five key domains:

  • Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Cloud Service Manager
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Security & Governance


In addition to this, Synthetic Spheres is leading Cloud Semantics Work Group. You can find more at:


Our Internal Research is focused on Ecosystemms, Semantics, Digital Systems and Cloud Computing. Our research projects are described in our Research sections at Synthetic Spheres Research

DevelopmentOur Software Development is focused on Mobile Platforms (such as Android, iOS) , cloud based development and integration executed on IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. You can find our mobile products described at Product page. We are currently in development of our proprietary cloud based Marketing platform targeting innovative Digital Markets. We Welcome all Inquires for for Web, Mobile and Cloud related Development on majority of popular platforms.

Application development for iOS devices is specific in many aspects. Apple ecosystem is flourishing, but very closed and proprietary, with specific tools and a programming language not used outside the ecosystem. Synthetic Spheres has the equipment, knowledge and proficiency needed to create a good iOS application and get it approved for AppStore. If the application requires a server backend, we can implement it as well, or coach your developers for the best achievable interoperability.

TrainingWe are leading Authors and content providers of training courses for Leading training provider ITpreneurs, delivering to customers in 45 countries. We provide Training development and certified Trainings for Trainers. Our Trainings are prerequisities for certification path at Cloud Credential Council, developed in colaboration with leading organizations such as IBM, Microsoft, VMWare, Cisco, EMC, HP and ING, and aligns to NIST definitions and terminology.

Synthetic Spheres offers a variety of programs to not only prepare instructors to deliver excellent classes with ITpreneurs courseware, but to help deepen their understanding of the subject matter. From courseware familiarization to complete Train The Trainer (TTT) programs, Synthetic Spheres caters to the needs of each instructor, from the accomplished expert to the aspiring professional. The TTT programs are all delivered by acclaimed Synthetic Spheres Trainers.
Synthetic Spheres offers services to fully take over, manage and deliver training programs for our customers and partners. This includes virtual trainings, program and project management, managing internal communications, learner registration, courseware and instructor management, and so on. Synthetic SPheres possesses the systems and processes to take over these tasks, as well as manage the content aggregation and hosting, on behalf of our customers and partners.
Our Student Training Program provides training for both undergraduate and graduate students in Information Technologies and Marketing who wish to learn the rationale, design strategies, methods and other aspects of IT Development and Marketing as associates and research assistants.

ConsultingNo matter what business you’re in or what mission you’re striving for, excellence in critical functional areas can make or break your future. We  provide deep insights and practical experience needed to help our clients address their most pressing issues. We specialize in complex technological environments and innovative ideas for Business and IT. Our featured offerings is focused on Cloud Computing, Semantic MetaSystems and Ecosystem of IT Architecture.

Cloud computing is a phenomenon that touches many aspects of business and technology strategy and solutions. The planning, adoption and use of cloud computing involves current and new techniques to move to an on-demand, pay-as-you-go, elastic and secure usage model. Defining this includes different devices and services that have moving into social media, multi-channel mobile services and big data analytics incfreasing the power and potential of the cloud. Synthetic Spheres actively research these topics and trends to better understand, educate and exploit the power of the cloud.
The wider digital ecosystem enabled by the convergence of technologies and enterprise into many spheres of economic, social and environmental domains. Taking this wider perspective is what we consider is a emerging new ecosystems engineering science that is highly relevant amd compelling in todays rapidly changing and evolving global markets. “Data and mobility is everywhere”, social presence and dynamic systems working over internet scale conections have created endless new possibilities for inviduals, business and markets. The ability to define value drivers and strategies to better understand how these many systems and interactions are working is a modern imperative for new ecosystem design. Synthetic Sphere sees ecosystems as embracing all these trends of interoparability, portabilty, semantics, feedback systems and virtual presence into a new kind of systems and architecture design pattern and approach.