Research Progress
MetaX v.1 65%
Vladimir BaranekResearch Lead
MetaX is Semantic Based MetaSystem Framework, philosophically based on World spheres (MetaSpheres) and Ecosystems inside. MetaX enables design and architecture of dynamic MetaSystems and their particles (MetaSources), semantically identified by external ontologies, their classes and is optionally integrated with linked Open Data.
Cloud Interactive Ecosystem Language
Research Progress
CIEL v.1 75%
Mark SkiltonReserach Led
Vladimir BaranekResearch Led
CIEL is an Ecosystem Ubiquitous notation designed to help express and visualize this interactive experience across multiple systems, web sites, devices and associations in a holistic way.The aim is to establish a language and methodology that uses a symbol set and visualization that expresses and enables the goals of a total digital ecosystem to be a interactive and expansive experience.
Integrated Cloud Framework
Research Progress
ICF v.2 85%
Vladimir BaranekReserach Led
Integrated Cloud Framework supports new building blocks such as next generation of XaaS components, Cloud Business Orchestration and Cloud Business Actor Ecosystem. All ICF Components are connected together via component variables – Re/Sources. These Re/Sources are quantifiable and measurable inputs/outputs which represents Component Service Status Values -Re/Sources available for particular component. 
Ecosystem Patterns
Research Progress
Ecosystem Patterns v.1 70%
Mark SkiltonReserach Led
Vladimir BaranekResearch Led
Ecosystem Patterns is a repository of current cloud computing standards and Publicly available cloud computing reference architectures. We explore the concepts of physical and virtual architectures and introduce the concepts of CIEL – Cloud Interactive Ecosystem Language Symbol notation.


  • Cloud Computing terminology
  • Cloud Computing Standard reference architecture models
  • Cloud computing ecosystem concepts
  • CIEL – Cloud Interactive Ecosystem Language Symbols Library
  • Free Downloadable content


Research Progress
InfoSymbolism v.1 30%
Vladimir BaranekResearch Lead
InfoSymbolism is an Open Foundation, proposing new Art&Architecture era, highlighting interconnection between semantic information , symbolism and artistic interpretation. Aim of the project is to create semantically based symbols , connected via Web Ontologies and used for architecture of Metasystems / Ecosystem in Cloud.


Research Progress
Fabrica v.1 10%
Sanjeet SwatchResearch Lead
 The output of FABRICA is a layer of SysML description faithful to the principles covered by ICF, which can then be translated into CIEL symbology for meaningful metadata. This prepares the ground for implementation of human- and machine-dependent systems to  solve problems posed by these real-world scenarios.