Synthetic Spheres originated in May 2010 from early work around computing challenges facing individuals and companies attempting to integrate and visualize the effective use and value of multiple mobile devices, social networks and the explosion of data and cloud based services.


The company has a range of capabilities supporting digital strategy and innovation,  mobile application solutions platform development, cloud computing training and international thought leadership.


Synthetic Spheres is an open partnership with associations with international standards bodies,  training company and academic university institutions.

Incorporated in 2012, Synthetic

Our values express the professional behaviours that we believe in as an organisation. They are the standards by which we benchmark our decisions and actions. They underlie everything we do as a business and form the bedrock of our beliefs. Our values define what it means to INNOVATIVE and REVOLUTIONARY.


We are passionate about who we are, what we do and the way we do it.


We think creatively, working smarter, faster and harder.


We are honest, respectful and straightforward.


Ambitious by nature, we are determined to excel and energetic in the way we apply ourselves.


Critical to our success, we strive to enhance the experience for clients, candidates and employees.

The rapid growth of multiple channel user experience, big data analytics, social gamification, multi-media content, hyper-scale cloud data centers and carrier networks together with new types of sensor and machine learning  is converging and now passed a critical moment that pervades all industry sectors and everyday experience.


We believe this has fundamentally changed the way physical resources, social experiences and relationships are being formed, digitzed and merged into increasingly online virtual networks, virtual organizations and services creating a new level of ecosystem dynamics and architecture.


The vision of Synthetic Spheres is to explore the domains of ecosystems that pervade different levels of interaction of technology.  These domains include society and governmental services; commercial and economic supply chains and supply networks; the social presence interactions and augmented reality exprience; the biological, ecological and environmental sustainability of life systems as well as the continual technology invention and evolution of systems and services.

The mission of Synthetic Spheres is to develop new frameworks for business and technology that enable value,  visualization and solutions in the modern interconnected social and business world.

This includes:
  • Digital ecosystem strategies to define vision, operating model,  value, metrics and monetrization
  • Innovative frameworks to define semantic and ecosystem architectural design
  • Leading mobile solutions to implement and deliver new interactive experiences
  • Creative new digital platforms for new digital enabled virtual value and insight
SS_Mission Scope

Synthetic Spheres has a range of research programs and solutions.


These include:


Digital Strategy Methods, innovation for consulting

Digital ecosystem strategy analysis and planning

  • FABRICA – Business scenarios and modeling notation for ecosystems
  • Ecosystem Patterns – Cloud Computing Library of standards and patterns
  • CIEL – Cloud Interactive Ecosystem Language – an ecosystem symbol system and visualization methodology

Innovative Ecosystem Architecture Design methodology tool kits

New frameworks for cloud ecosystem architectural design

  • ICF – Integrated Cloud Framework – an architectural methodology for cloud ecosystem solution design
  • Metax – a semantic Identity systems for semantic networks
  • Infosymbolism – an art and symbol system for semantic symbolism

Education and Training in Ecosystems and topics (Cloud Computing)

    • Training Programs (ITpreneurs) – Professional Cloud Certifications
    • Events and Conferences
    • White Papers and blogs


    Mobile solutions and the Internet of Devices

    Mobile Solutions

          • MyLog
          • Smart Assistant

    Innovative digital market platforms and the Internet of Services

    Digital Market platforms

          • DiagraMart



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